04/29/19 Monday: Mona Lisa smile!

IMG_4397 (1)((Dreams of Gaia Tarot, Ravynne Phelan))


I hope everyone enjoyed a peaceful weekend.

Sunday forecasts what we may find in the new  week would bring; today, we look at a strategy for managing the energy of the week.

  1. Overall energy of the Magickal Week (This week: The Counsellor – Wisdom)
  2. Do this! (This week: Ten of Earth – Grace)
  3. Not that! (This week: Nine of Earth – Materialism)
  4. BONUS! Guide: XVI Destiny – Purpose

 We are moving with purpose this week; review your agenda for priority items to create your starting point. Your wisdom and grace will be important as you keep your own counsel this week  – normally, I eschew the need-to-know lack of transparency – as too many ears can turn into distracting voices.

CAUTION: This is not the week to worry about material gain and possessions; work on your projects to the best of your ability and trust the process. Do not be distracted by bright, shiny things. 

This week is one of a kind  and it belongs to you – make it what you want!


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 



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