04/24/19 Wednesday: Speak with kindness


((Dreams of Gaia Tarot, Ravynne Phelan))


Communication is the key to Wednesday; today is the day to speak your truth!

  1. Communicate what? (This week: Six of Water – Kindness)
  2. Communicate how? (This week: XXII Intuition – Feelings)

Today reinforcing yesterday, we are pointed towards kindness and our intuition. We must choose wisely our words as well as our delivery. If it does not feel right to you, do not say it.

REMINDER: If you cannot communicate with kindness, you are at liberty to walk away – discretion is still the better part of valor.

CAUTION: Following your intuition does NOT mean you throw reason to the side. Ideally, your intuition will be be supported by what you know to be reasonable but sometimes what feels right does not make sense; when this occurs, take a quick internal check.

When in doubt,  follow the energy – it cannot lie.


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 

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