04/15/19 Monday: Focused and Flexible!


((Dreams of Gaia Tarot, Ravynne Phelan))


I hope you found the weekend rejuvenating for the new week!

Yesterday, we looked at what the new  week would bring; today, we look at the energy of the week as well as how best to use it in our pursuits.

  1. Overall energy of the Magickal Week (This week: Queen of Fire 
  2. Do this! (This week: Seven of Water)
  3. Not that! (This week: Five of Earth)

We lead off with Queen of Fire; the time for confident focus in action is RIGHT NOW! If you have been hesitant to put yourself forward, or reticent in speaking up, KNOCK IT OFF! The world needs you in action as if you mean to set it on fire – and this is the time to light that match!

This energy is supported by Seven of Water: BE FLEXIBLE! You may be on fire but you do not need to burn everything down. REMINDER: “Flexible” is absolutely NOT a code word for wishy-washy or pushover. The ability to go with the flow is a powerful tool of strength, not weakness.

Another thing “flexible” is not? It’s not the easy way out. There will be no short-cuts this week. Five of Earth is here to warn us of this folly; the path of least resistance is not necessarily the same thing as the best route. Some of the time, flexibility will find you making hard decisions, doing difficult things – but that is as it should be, don’t worry about it.

Remember, you already have everything you need. Time to shine!


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 



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