04/09/19 TUESDAY: Plan of Attack!


((Everyday Witch Tarot, Blake and Alba))

Monday, we covered the overall energy of this week as well as how best to consider it to your advantage. Tuesday, we look at a plan of action:

  1. Where is the action best applied? (This week: Two of Wands)
  2. What action is needed? (This week: Nine of Wands)

Today, the Wands deliver an obvious one-two punch: Choose your battles wisely, be prepared to see them to the end.

Where are you struggling to make a decision? This is the place calling for action. The time to decide is RIGHT NOW; you have been contemplating long enough. This week, you must decide. And once you have decided, you must fully commit to the forward actions required (e.g. Want a new job? Get your resume out there. Want a new skill? Sign up for the class. Want to travel? BUY A TICKET!).

NOTE: You already know you are not obligated to move on the energy just because it has arrived. If you don’t want to make decisions, and commit to actions, take a pass for another time. HOWEVER, this is not like waiting for the next bus – there may not be another – so be sure you are willing to allow the opportunity to slip away from you. Remember, Wands energy (Fire!) moves very quickly, and does not linger for stragglers.


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 

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