03/14/19: POWER UP!!!

“The Magician is always within, waiting for the call to flex his muscles; bring that energy to the fore and be amazed by what you can do. Just be careful where you point it!”

J. M. CeCe



If the weather’s got you down, take heart! It is already changing (and will likely continue to do so – for better or worse) so deal with it as it comes, and stop wasting your power on fretting. (I’m looking right at you, Chicago!)

Some setbacks were experienced this week but never fear, The Magician is here! 

When this energy presents itself, consider yourself slapped with the realization there really isn’t anything you cannot handle (do it yourself, have it done, whatever) if you approach from a position of strength. That’s the key to this energy; never doubt the strength within.

CAUTION: Power brings responsibility. Be careful where you point that thing! The appropriate order of operations is point/aim/shoot for good reason.

And because every woman has known one or two in her life, I leave you with the thoughts of the Wilson Sisters. 😉

((All images courtesy YouTube, Google Images, and Facebook.)) 

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