02/26/19: Keep it in your heart for a while.


((Everyday Witch Tarot, Blake and Alba))

The memories we hold in our hearts affect our lives – every single day – so be sure to choose them wisely. 

While I admit not all memories are necessarily happy, you can choose to keep the lessons but let go of the pain, disappointment, anger, whatever. 

Some memories are bittersweet – they can be some of the best memories – and we hold them dear to our hearts, perhaps unwilling to ever share them. That’s okay as well; you can keep them safely your own.

Some memories, the ones we call upon in our daily lives, should be shared from time to time; you really never know when you are holding an important message someone else really needs to hear.

And since bittersweet can sometimes be too beautiful to keep to ourselves, please enjoy this fond farewell from the late and great Warren Zevon.

((All images courtesy YouTube,  Google Images, and Facebook.)) 

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