02/22-24/19 WEEKEND: GET IT DONE!


((Everyday Witch Tarot, Blake and Alba))


You’ve got work to do this weekend so get to it!

Following up on yesterday’s theme of “NO DISTRACTIONS!” this Pisces Season, we find a weekend full of work to do and strong energy to help us do them.

CAUTION: Do not put too much pressure on yourself to make things “perfect” as there really is no such thing. Do the best you can with what you’ve (at any given time), and accept progress may sometimes move more slowly than you might like. 

REMINDER: Balance remains an important piece of every puzzle, and this weekend is no different. Do not allow the work to eclipse everything else – it is still the weekend! Be sure to take some time to rest, catch up with friends, whatever. All work and no play makes for a miserable life.

Enjoy the weekend!

((All images courtesy YouTube, Google Images and Facebook.)) 


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