02/17/19: Positive vibes only!


((Everyday Witch Tarot, Blake and Alba))


We greet the new week with Six of Cups; Happiness is a choice – choose it!

TO BE CLEAR: I know this is not easy – plenty of things happen every day, and looking on the bright side does not necessarily lend itself to every mood – but that’s why it is a CHOICE. 

Additionally, Six of Cups, often referred to as the Nostalgia Card, reminds us to remember things fondly but not necessarily with rose-colored filters. “The Good Old Days” are largely mythological but that does not meant there aren’t happy memories – a day at the beach, a trip to the zoo, a particularly lovely midnight mass one snowy Christmas night, or just a normal moment with your mother, learning how to use the new food processor (and the raucous mayhem that ensued – I won’t lie, I think of this particular moment often when I am in the kitchen, and I always laugh out loud). These moments may (or may not) stand out in their own time but when you look back upon them, you see the joy in those ordinary moments.

THE TAKEAWAY: Joy is in the present moment – don’t miss it. 

This week belongs to you – make it whatever you want it to be!

And as long as we are looking on the bright side, let’s walk on sunshine!

((All images courtesy YouTube, Google Images and Facebook.)) 


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