02/04/19: Time to move on.


((Everyday Witches Tarot, Blake and Alba))


I hope Imbolc found you warm and well, making plans for Spring.

Our week opens with Six of Swords; our theme this week will be all about going your own way up your own path. As we have often discussed, this is not meant to be a group activity, and you must not be swayed from your path by others – anyone who cannot stick to your map (the reason does not matter) must follow their own without you.


Anyone – and I do mean ANYone – endeavoring to influence, control, or otherwise manipulate you, must be sent on their own way. You cannot squander your resources on vigilance guarding against and fending off theirs various forms of attack – it is NOT in your best interests.

SNEAK PEAK: The Hermit shows up later this week, reinforcing our solitary travels.

 Whatever you decide to do this week, best of luck to your safe and swift travels.

((All images courtesy YouTube,  Google Images and Facebook.)) 

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