12/14-16/18 WEEKEND: All December weekends are holiday weekends!


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

Stability. Success. Adventure.


Yule is in less than a week. Christmas is in ten days.

If you’re not already busy with holiday preparations, this is the weekend to get the lead out!

Holiday errands can be their own adventure; choose festive packaging and ingredients wherever you can (it’s always appropriate!), stop for a festive treat (I really like peppermint mocha!), take a leisurely look at decorations (lots of lights all over the place!), and enjoy each moment. 

Now for DO NOT:

  • Do not get stressed out if/when something does not work out (recipe, gift plan, etc).
  • Do not over-indulge more than you can handle (tipsy is okay  but be mindful).
  • Do not – repeat NOT! – under any circumstances, drive under the influence.
  • Do not skimp on your self-care; you need all the TLC you can get!

Enjoy this holiday weekend, alone or with friends, as merry and bright as you want to make it.

(I’ll be baking cookies and trimming the tree.) 

Love to All! Happy Holidays!


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 
((Princess Sassy Pants & Co can be found on Facebook – check it out!!))

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