((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

Balance. Resolve. Evaluation. Passion.


Let’s have a quick run-down of this week(end)’s contributing factors:

  • Venus retrograde unwinding.
  • Mercury retrograde powering up.
  • Holiday traveling.
  • Holiday shopping.
  • Family gathering.
  • Full Moon in Gemini.
  • More holiday shopping.
  • More family gathering.
  • More holiday travel.

I’m not afraid of calling a spade a spade: THIS IS GONNA HURT!!!!

So it comes as no real surprise to learn the cards urge caution; we must resist all the usual baits and pitfalls – we must be smooth rocks in the river of chaos. You may not be able to turn every negative into a positive but you can certainly decide how you want to handle them:

  • Your mother doesn’t like your new hair cut. TOO BAD. (You like it, that’s what counts.)
  • You burned the rolls. BIG DEAL. (Throw them away and don’t tell anyone.)
  • Worried about conflicting views at the table. NO PROBLEM.(Do everyone a favor and post a sign on your front door: NO POLITICS BEYOND THIS POINT.)
  • New girlfriend/boyfriend/fiance being introduced. FABULOUS!

Finally, when all is said and done, it is THANKSGIVING! So be grateful, give thanks, and share it with everyone around you. This is the only Thanksgiving Weekend of 2018, ENJOY IT!

Because I cannot resist it, I give you my favorite episode of holiday television:

((All images courtesy YouTube, Google Images and Facebook.)) 

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