09/21-23/18 WEEKEND REMINDER: Though our hearts may soar, our feet do not.


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

Compassion. Passion. Grounding.


YAY!!!! Boots, scarves, falling leaves, apple and pumpkin spice everything! YAY!!!*

This weekend will be all about the feels; we are feeling all the feelings with little of no let-up. This is not necessarily a bad thing – it is good to be in touch with your feelings (all of them, even the “ugly” ones) – as long as you remember to stay grounded. 

Since it is Autumn, and grounding can be tricky, I suggest the following simple steps you can take to assist:

Drink coffee, eat a muffin: While I am aware “food is not the answer!” this particular pairing has an almost instant grounding effect because of their tangible physical labor. These things must be “made” (by you or someone else) in practical, earthy ways. Each sip, and every bite connect you to not only the physical realm but the earthy energy they convey from their beginnings as beans and grain. Also, you gotta eat. Since the season has arrived, perhaps a mocha latte and apple spice muffin are your ticket – I know I love it!

Yard work: Yard cleaning in Autumn (as in Spring) is necessary. If you have not started trimming, raking, clearing, cleaning, storing, etc., consider getting started this weekend.

Clean out your car: While certainly cleaning anything will help ground you, cleaning your car can not only ground you but give you a feel of satisfaction because unlike your home, it can be completely cleaned in a relatively short time (two hours or so), it is likely to remain clean for a longer time. It may be early for winterizing your vehicle but it is not too early for a change of season tune-up, check the tires, change the filters, etc.

Refresh the linens: Air the blankets, wash the linens, prepare bedrooms for cozy sleep with open windows (rather than A/C). Which brings me to the next suggestion…

Sleep with the windows open: If you have not already doe so, turn off the a/c at night and sleep with your windows open. Listen to the night sounds, smell the night air. These earthly experiences for their own sake are grounding as you sleep – sink right in!

Whatever you choose to do this weekend, please keep in mind the feels are everywhere and they make some people over-sensitive or easily irritated; be kind – to yourself as well as everyone else – and if you need a time-out, do not be bashful about taking it.

Enjoy the weekend!


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 

*Note: I do not feel required to be unbiased on my own blog as I am sure you have noticed by now. 😉 


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