09/12/18: Keep a full cupboard.


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

Continuing with an overall theme of “Love in Action” this week, Wednesday finds us facing our love responsibilities as “Mother.”*

(*Note: This energy is not limited in any way to women or actual mothers.)

This energy is all about filling freezers, stocking cupboards, airing linens; time to tend to our nest as Autumn grows steadily closer. And yes, I hear you –

  • “It’s still summer!”
  • “Don’t rush the seasons!”
  • “I don’t want to!”

Time flies with or without our consent; there is no way to slow The Wheel so we must endeavor to ride the arcs with as much grace and gratitude as possible. Rather than clinging desperately to Summer, begin preparation for a beautiful Autumn leading into a cozy Winter. With that in mind, Queen of Pentacles arrives to provide the energy to prepare…and once done, there will be more time to enjoy seasonal activities (i.e street faires, festivals, apple picking, corn mazes – whatever!). 

CONSIDER THIS: Before you begin to work in earnest, plan some practical home magic you can incorporate into your preparedness. Stock your kitchen with ingredients to make:  hearty stews and soups with herbs such as sage (protective energy inside and out!); apple cinnamon pie (protection, love and prosperity); lavender sugar to stir in your tea (love’s warmth and tenderness within). If not already, stock your laundry room with natural products scented with lavender (everyone wears a hug). Make some small sachets for the car – cinnamon sticks and star anise – to promote safety and security (beef this up with a chunk of black tourmaline). In truth, every little thing you do can add up to potent magic. Give it a try. Love, Luck and Light to All!

Fall Fest

((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 

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