08/27 AND 28/18: Dad’s home!


((Sun and Moon Tarot, Vanessa Decort))

Our new week opens with strong “I got this!” energy.

And a good thing, too – because we have plenty to do!

For all intents and purposes, the Summer ends this week; Labor Day Weekend will conclude this week, and all the kids will be back in school. If you have not completed all the back to school errands, you cannot waste another minute – we are here NOW! The beauty of this bright energy is its quiet pervasiveness; The Emperor needs no fanfare while quietly seeing all necessities are met on all fronts.

If you find yourself getting wound up about your To Do List (and no one has time for that!), remind yourself you’ve got this – all of this! – and it is not bigger than you are.

This is your week to be sure – KNOCK IT OUT!!


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 


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