04/27-29/18 WEEKEND: Always learning.


((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Serendipity. Diplomacy. Understanding.


No matter the weather where you are, this weekend brings a variety of Spring celebrations involving flowers, maypoles, fires and desserts – all of which sounds delightful. It would be great to have good weather but let’s not count on it. 

((NOTE: May 1st brings Beltane, May Day, Lei Day, Global Love Day, and my favorite, Chocolate Parfait Day!))

The beauty (and joy!) of this weekend will be in the unexpected; chance encounters, rediscovered passions, unearthed treasures. Allow yourself to take chances and be surprised. Go to the party (even though you don’t quite feel like it). Accept the friend request (despite any old grudges you think may be lingering). Walk into the junk shop (it doesn’t matter what you think of the window display). You are on the verge of discovery if you are brave enough not to shy away.


You will have opportunities to share your discoveries and come to new understandings with yourself as well as others…maybe (diplomacy will be required – if you don’t feel up to it, take a pass and keep it to yourself this round).

PRACTICAL MAGIC TIP: No matter what you decide to do this weekend, refresh yourself with a salt scrub shower, floral body splash, and natural fabrics;  add oil to your skin, honey to your lips and crystals around your neck – you are your own sacred space! Hold your own sacred space and tread softly in your own power. Shoulders back, head held high, heart open to the sky – allow Spring/Beltane/Love energy to flow into, around, and through you! ENJOY!!!


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