04/13-15/18 WEEKEND: Do it anyway!


((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Diligence. Disappointment. Celebration.

Hard work rewarded with disappointment – YAY!

I know, I know I know, no one says “YAY!” to disappointment but on this occasion, we are good with it.

(Yes, I can hear you out there, “What?!?!? She’s nuts! What is she talking about?!?!?”)

As you may know, this is a Dark Moon weekend (the best time for setting intentions you want to see manifest) AND we are in the throes Mercury Retrograde (MRx)….

Wait for it…

Which means it is a perfect time to review the fruits of our current labors to determine where we stand as we plan to go forward. Perhaps our efforts are not quite yielding the returns we had hoped? Or maybe we realize we are not applying our efforts to our best advantage – a more even hand would be good? 

Whatever the case may prove to be, your honest assessment is due, and you will know how best to redeploy your resources and efforts; re-think, re-vamp, revise, reinvest – and reap your rewards!

As always, be happy , safe and well – enjoy the weekend!

I FLOW.jpg

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