02/16-18/18 WEEKEND: Perhaps always…


 ((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Recognition. Relationships. Inhibition.

The weekend is upon us, and for some, the spirit of Valentine continues; love has very definitely been heavily in the air this month. As we head into the last two weeks of February, many cannot help but feel a certain everything-old-is-new-again energy manifesting in rekindled and rejuvenated love affairs.

“How long have I loved you? Perhaps always…”

This weekend, you may finds yourself realizing uncomfortable truths about your love; is he terminally married? is she a serial cheat? is he unwilling to commit? is she already too clingy? What about you – are you authentic in your love? are you building intimacy or distraction? Flaws real or imagined, now is the time to ask yourself:

“What do I want in my love?”

“What are my deal breakers?”

Make a list and check it twice! You must know what you want, what you can handle, where you can compromise, and where you stand. Love is not for the weak or meek; it destroys as much as it builds, and you must be ready to take it on or leave it be – there is no halfway point.

“Men! You can’t live without them, you can’t hit them with an axe.”

Ms. Phryne Fisher

If you are currently feeling a bit inhibited in your love, do not fret; there is no harm in keeping your own counsel and not revealing your secrets just because. However, if you are withholding out of fear or some sort of manipulative tactic, the time has come to change your ways or move on; no one wants the ‘friend zone.’ 

And as always, there is the time-honored weekend option favored by so many…


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