02/09-11/18 WEEKEND: Be Safe & Warm

IMG_1239 (1)
((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Nurture. Inspire. Consequences. 

The weekend has arrived and in many parts of The US, bad weather is on the way. Here in Chicago, Snowmagedon is expected this weekend (starting Thursday night), so a message to hunker down could not be more timely.

This weekend should be full of nurturing; hot cocoa, woolen socks, hearty soups, fluffy blankets – keep yourself and your loved ones safe, well and warm.

But as long as you are spending the weekend indoors, taking good care, consider spending some time seeking inspiration; read a good book, watch an old movie, break out the colored pencils and a journal – allow yourself to accept any creative ideas that may come to you. (NOTE: You cannot force this; if no creative ideas come to you, do not worry about it. Have a cup of tea and enjoy a crossword puzzle.)

You already know all of our actions have consequences. This weekend, results will be closer than they appear; expect swift returns on your energy actions (what you do rather than what you think or say) so be prepared. Do your best to keep it positive.

As always, be happy, safe, and well, and enjoy the weekend!


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))


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