01/12-14/18 WEEKEND: Think it through.

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Idea. Patience. Conclusion.


I hope you are warm and well, wherever you are!

The energy this week has been largely about movement, either maintaining momentum or fresh steps, but this weekend is not about movement. This weekend is about mindfulness.

The cards sum it up simply; think it through, be patient, consider the impact on others. We have ideas – some quite good – and though we may need to move less slowly than we might like, we can bring them to fruition with planning and effort. But should we? Will the outcome be a problem for others? Not every victory is welcome.

With your very best interests (and intentions!) in mind, spend your weekend as mindfully as possible – including all your favorite self-care activities . Write down your ideas for review and contemplation (and discussion if you wish to share your thoughts with others). If you find an idea you particularly wish to manifest in your life, think it through carefully, making notes for steps you could take to move forward.  And as always, keep in mind all actions have consequences.

It’s your time – make the most of it. Enjoy the weekend!


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))








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