10/20-22/17 WEEKEND: It’s really all good.

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Sorrow. Desires. Duality.

The weekend seems to arrive faster and faster each week; the increasing darkness seems to compress the time and shorten the weeks – it is an illusion of course as it is always the same seven days no matter how you slice it. Make good use of your time; enjoy the delights of Fall as you prepare for the inevitable Winter; less sunshine does NOT mean less to do, just less daylight to do it in – turn on your headlights, take a flashlight!

This weekend, you will feel a tug in different directions; you are disappointed with the way things are, and you dream of better things you know must out there somewhere; and these competing feelings come to together to keep you cautiously optimistic. It is important to have aspirations, work towards goals while appreciating what you already have, all while understanding we can’t always get what we want, and that in itself is a tremendous gift!! 

Run your errands, stock your pantry, plan your next project. It’s all good.

Enjoy the weekend!!


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 
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