09/14/17: Strength is where you find it.

“Thank you for your kind aid. Instead of devouring you, I will serve you.” Barbara Moore

Strength Steam

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

What is Strength? The power to dominate? The willingness to help? The courage to fight? The ability to heal? All of it? None of it? A combination?

Whatever you feel defines Strength, chances are you have grown to equate it with endurance – a not unimportant aspect of Strength – and the ability to withstand rather than change an uncomfortable situation. And as we all know, Strength is often hidden. 

Keep your eyes open; look for Strength in unexpected ways, unexpected places, and unexpected people. Allow what you find to buoy and humble you, and know you are not alone.

Midnight in Frank's Kingdom.jpg

Berkeley Breathed’s Bloom County  brings us  the Frank Series in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September, and in support of  Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation . Click the link to learn more: https://www.berkeleybreathed.com/the-frank-series

((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))

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