07/14-16/17: INTENTION MATTERS!!!



((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Departure. Responsibility. Manifestation.

Because this is the same message we received last weekend, I refer you to the reading of 07/07-09/17 WEEKEND: ALL SYSTEMS, GO! for the overall message at hand. In this entry, we will be focusing on the importance of intention. And just in case you were not paying attention, I will say it again:


I understand we live in a world largely driven by results, reinforced by words and phrases such as:

  • The end justifies the means.
  • Give me the bottom-line.
  • Skip ahead to the end.
  • What’s the pay-off?
  • Results are what count.

Please do not misunderstand; I am not so naive as to imagine results are not important – certainly results are very important – but the journey cannot be dismissed, and that is where intention lies.


Intention absolutely requires decision making – you may not accept any substitutes because there are no substitutes. Your intentions are created by your decisions, and you are responsible for them. NOTE: I am well-aware “not choosing is a choice” but here’s the newsflash on that: that is the decision, that is the intention – you absolutely intended to let someone else make the decision so you would not have to – and you are STILL responsible.


Once you have made decisions, and set intentions, you must plot your course to manifestation – this is not capricious – and despite its importance, you should endeavor to enjoy every step along the way. Your journey is too important to follow blindly to its conclusion, and what you learn along the way will be invaluable.


No matter how difficult the path you trod may be at any given time, you must be grateful for every step you are fortunate enough to take. When you win, say thank you. When you do not win, learn from the challenge and be thankful for the lesson. Recognize The Universe is always listening; the more gratitude you express, the more reasons to be grateful you will  find you have.

We are on the backside of the Summer Season; the astro-weather continues to be strong, and we are headed into August anticipating both a lunar and solar eclipse – we may often feel completely super-charged or utterly at sea – TAKE HEART! There is nothing happening you cannot handle, either by direct action or laying low, because as always, you are stronger than you think. This is your time to shine. Be wild, be brave, be crazy, be happy, be safe, be well – and enjoy the weekend!!


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))


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