07/01/-04/17 HOLIDAY WEEKEND: Freedom is very valuable, and it is not free.



((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Anxiety. Movement. Reliability. Intuition.

Summer has well and truly arrived as we head into the All-American Fourth of July Weekend.

For many of us, this holiday weekend means travel, picnics, beaches, barbecues, family, friends, fireworks, vacation – all potential sources of personal anxiety and physical movement! – and when you get down to it, all good! – Let’s look at the cards:

  • We easily generate our own anxiety, fretting over cooking, plans, packing, etc., but this is wasted energy better used as effort to accomplish whatever must be done.
  • Physical energy flows freely into our tasks but only if we direct it accordingly in the first place.
  • Reliability is a key component this weekend; if you say you are going to be at the picnic by noon with potato salad, you had very well better do exactly that. Any disappointment you generate this weekend will not be short-lived; mind your boundaries, honor your commitments.
  • Energy is particularly high this weekend; pay attention to how people, places, and things FEEL – energy cannot lie and your intuition can help keep you on the right track, and off the toes of others.

As always, enjoy the weekend, and never forget – IT’S GREAT TO BE ALIVE!

PRACTICAL MAGIC TIP: Need a summer refresher that also casts a happy spell? Consider Strawberry-Basil Limeade (no shortage of recipes on line – pick one you like!) served slushy or over the rocks; this winning combination cashes in on the positive energy boost of strawberries and lime as well as the love herb basil. Toast your loved one and cast intentions of happiness with every sip!  ((NOTE: If you wish to add vodka (or tequila, or whatever) be sure to limit the size of the batch – practical magic tipsy is okay (for people not driving!) but the happy spell actually loses power with drunkenness.))


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 



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