06/19/17: DAMMIT! Back to square one!

“…When the structure overtakes our spirit, that structure is no longer serving a beneficial purpose…” Barbara Moore


((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

The Tower has returned with the same message: time to start again.

WHY? As likely as not, we sacrificed function for form; we became distracted by creating and forgot all about the point of the creation.

Okay, it happens – we are only human, after all – time to revisit our priorities.

There are worse things than starting over. Often, a chance at a fresh start is exactly what we need, although we may not realize it in the moment. 

 PRACTICAL MAGIC TIP: You may need some extra luck or money for all the changes that are coming your way! Freshen up with some mint! Give your day a boost by starting with a cup of mint tea; envision good luck and positive outcomes throughout your day.

Looking for money to fund your project? Keep it simple with silver coins, mint and a piece of paper. Write down on the paper how much you need, or if you need something specific, i.e. $1500 for a new fridge (not looking for anything specific – write down “Financial security”); place the items in a bowl on your altar (or a pouch you can wear, or keep in your purse). As you assemble it, envision money flowing on a white light, filling the bowl (or your purse, or pocket).  

For extra OOMPH! simmer mint in equal parts water and vodka (use cheap vodka as you are not going to be drinking it), for approximately 20 minutes; cool, strain, pour into spray bottle. Spray your doors and windows, inviting good luck to enter your home, and telling bad luck to stay out. As a bonus, it will deter some pests (ants, spiders, etc) from entering your home.

As always, don’t forget please and thank you.


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))

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