05/26-29/17 MEMORIAL WEEKEND: Remember and Think Twice.

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Welcome to the unofficial start of summer!

It is Memorial Day Weekend in the U.S. It is a time to remember the past deeds of our great defenders – servicemen/women and the civilians who supported them – and consider their extraordinary sacrifices as well as the debt we owe them for the world we live in today thanks to their bravery and efforts.

You may feel some discomfort as you realize how very spoiled we have become in this modern life; we don’t want to live without a Starbucks every other block – we canNOT imagine coffee rationed entirely. It may even occur to you some of the political events of our modern day ring a frighteningly  familiar tone to the rhetoric that led to the rise of fascism in Europe during the 1930s.

This weekend, while you are enjoying time with friends and family, be sure to spare some time for your own thoughts about improving the world around you. Ask yourself the important questions:

  • Am I kind?
  • Am I grateful?
  • Am I generous?
  • Am I helpful? 
  • Am I spreading light?
  • Am I sharing love?

Let the Queen of Swords be your guide; she is smart, beautiful, witty, wise, and armed with everything she needs to make the right plans to get things done. Everything you do can be made a little better with a small bit of effort (e.g. reusable coffee mugs and water bottles instead of paper cups with plastic lids and disposable plastic bottles). Your efforts may feel like a drop in a bucket but please remember, a persistent drip formed the Grand Canyon.

Be happy, safe, and well this holiday weekend. 


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))


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