05/18-21/17 WEEKEND: When it rains, you get wet.

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Transformation. Movement. Drama. Mastery.


I wish I could say we were headed into a lovely, relaxing weekend full of lemonade and peaceful strolls through local markets…yep, I really wish I could say that.

Alas, no.

This weekend is fully geared up for drama and heartbreak – why? Change can be terrifying; transformation feels like an act of violence – ever see the aftermath of forest fire, volcanic eruption, or tsunami? We fear our personal transformations can be just as disruptive, just as devastating. What if…? What next…? What about…? All unknown, all quite unsettling.

THE BAD NEWS: Avoiding personal development and transformation is not a long term solution – that which resists, persists.

THE GOOD NEWS: You can skip the drama, and get right down to business!

Believe it or not, drama is a choice. We have no genuine need to wring our hands, covered in sackcloth and ashes, lamenting our plight. Instead, we can roll up our sleeves, put up our hair, add extra lipstick, maybe drink an extra cup of coffee, and get to it. The upside: the energy you would have wasted on drama can be used to handle your business. The downside: well….there is no downside! Unless you are in show business, drama is completely unnecessary. 

This weekend is full of energy for getting things done, no matter how difficult the tasks may seem; avoid the drama and be amazed at how awesome you are!

Have a fabulous weekend!! 

PRACTICAL MAGIC TIP: Looking to impact your day with a little extra oomph? Take a morning shower, towel dry, use body lotion(or oil) to draw your personal power symbols (words(s), sigils, pictographs, whatever works for you!) on your damp skin. As you do so, envision the symbol glowing before it disappears into your skin, supercharging you with the power and energy it represents to you. Know that you can draw from that energy throughout your day, whenever you need it. Don’t forget please and thank you. Make your day great! 


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))


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