05/03/17: Class is now in session!

“Yes, I have a very cool weapon. Yes,  know how to use it…when I’m good and ready.” Barbara Moore

PgW Steam

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Natural ability, drive and passion may be harnessed to accomplish a great deal – with the proper mentoring.

Today’s card serves as another reminder; you need assistance, ask for it.

Page of Wands is full to bursting with energy meant for DOING things (rather than thinking about things, or planning things). This Page has a great willingness to leap without benefit of looking, which we may consider enviable as a kind of bravery; this is a voluntary baptism by fire – up her alley in all respects!

Sincere encouragement and gentle discipline are needed here; just a little guidance and direction to point this energy in the right direction. Remember, all things are possible, once we know what we are doing.


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))

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