04/03/17: Stand and deliver!

“…her heart never falters…Make no mistake: she will defend herself.” Barbara Moore


((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

New week, new battles!

Or more likely, the bell goes off for the next round of battles already underway. 

The Seven of Wands appears twice in two days – the battles have only just begun, and they are all likely to be uphill as Mercury heads into Taurus and prepares for the upcoming  retrograde on April 9th. The Aries “LET’S GO!!!” energy of The Hare starts to subside as “Slow and steady…” Taurus energy of The Tortoise begins its takeover. Early days but you can certainly feel it.

No matter how it starts, Monday (and likely most of the week) will include opportunities to stand your ground – with yourself as well as with others – and you must rise to the occasion. NEVER FEAR! You are ready, willing, and able! Do not allow creeping doubt to change your course; do allow yourself the flexibility to update your strategy as needed. 

REMINDER: Winning is important but not at the sacrifice of the whole; recognize when you should drop back, regroup, live to fight another day.

Discretion remains the better part of valor.


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.)) 

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