03/23/17: STEP UP!!

“Forget the big bang – I can create a universe with this tiny spark.” Barbara Moore

AW Steam

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))


What a perfect card for the full start of Aries season!

Just as Aries (Fire sign!) marks the start of The Astro Wheel, Ace of Wands marks the start of creative passion backed by force of will. Conditions are ripe to start a meaningful and creative project – something important to you!  

What will you do?

Design a dress? Decorate a room? Write a short story? Create a recipe?

It does not matter how you use the energy as long as you use it in a way meaningful to you.

((NOTE: This energy can also be impatient – an eat-dessert-first kind of energy – so do not be surprised if you face some challenges or find yourself repeating/remaking/restarting all or some of the project. Do not be disheartened – every step is a learning opportunity.)) 

PRACTICAL MAGIC TIP: Are you thinking about gardening? You should be! Planting for Spring is a GREAT WAY to plant intentions! With every hole you dig, envision clearing a path to your desired outcome. With every plant (or seed!) you place in the soil, envision your intentions taking root! Care for your plants with your successful intentions in mind, and as your plants grow, thank them for assisting you in bringing your intentions to fruition. What should you plant? That’s entirely up to you but there are some bee friendly suggestions below. 🙂


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))

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