03/08/17 There is such a thing as too much success.

“A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, right?” Barbara Moore

5W Steam

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))


As we know,  Fives bring chaotic energy, Wands bring high passions, and together, casual conversations turn into arguments. An extension of yesterday’s warning (read here re Five of Swords), today we receive a reminder:

We do not need to attend every argument to which we are invited.

Seriously, sit them all out today – do not be lured into any drama, do not rise to any bait – choose to fight another day. Today will be better spent  watching the chaos unfold; note methods, motivations, and agendas. This is an opportunity to gather important intelligence for future dealings.

If you absolutely must enter the fray (and I suspect you did not try hard enough to avoid it, by the way!), speak last; think twice, and do not repeat yourself. Most importantly, do not be moved from your position for any reason other than a genuine change of your own opinion (specifically, no copping out to end the situation – you chose to fight, so fight!)

PRACTICAL MAGIC TIP: Looking to cleanse your space (or yourself) but cannot burn sage? Use peppermint! A few drops of essential oil in spring (or filtered) water, shake vigorously and spray anywhere you wish to cleanse and increase positive energy. ADDED BONUS: mice, and most insects, HATE the smell of peppermint and will likely stay away. 


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))

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