02/24-26/17 WEEKEND:

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Action. Sorrow. Celebration.

The weekend is upon us – and a busy one, too!

Feeling particularly sensitive? Are your dreams strangely vivid? Not a big surprise – Pisces season began this week (heralding the end of The Wheel). Additionally, we are expecting both a Dark Moon and a solar eclipse (also in Pisces!) this weekend, and I am told Neptune (Pisces’ ruler – sensing a theme?)  is putting on a full court press, leaving many to feel a creeping ennui sucking away joy for no particular reason they can name.

Sounds like the perfect time to throw a party!

No plans this weekend? Make some! Be with people who appreciate you.

The cards suggest a call to action. The ache in your heart may be real, or imagined, but it does not matter; make a move to gather your people (friends, family, loved ones, co-workers, whoever!) in as big or as small a gathering as you feel appropriate, and celebrate ANYTHING!! Make a joyful noise with music, laughter, conversation, and clinking glasses.

((NOTE: Perhaps you are “just not up for a party.” DO IT ANYWAY! Size does not matter – go to dinner with a friend and celebrate being friends! Seriously – ANYTHING!!))

PRACTICAL MAGIC TIP: If you are an empath, Pisces season can be particularly rough; you should not skimp on your self-care and grounding methods.


No kidding. Among its useful qualities, dark chocolate helps uplift and ground simultaneously. For a little extra oomph, heat it up (heat represents fire,  a great help with grounding) and add some cinnamon. That’s right – I’m telling you to drink Mexican Hot Chocolate (or Mexican Mocha, if you need your coffee).


((For best results, sip slowly in quiet and stillness.))


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))

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