02/15/17 Disarm with charm.

“Of course I will accompany you to the private garden. Don’t mind the sword, it is just part of the outfit.” Barbara Moore


((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Continuing on yesterday’s “smarter not harder” theme, today we have “disarm with charm” as our energy strategy. 

((OK, I know some of you are working up a sweat over this idea but hear me out!))

There will be times when brute force is required – this is not one of those times.

There will be times when strategy and planning are required – this is not one of those times.

There will be times when you need sugar rather than vinegar to attract what you need and/or want – this is on e of those times!

Let Venus be your guide; she does not fight with Mars, she calms him in spite of himself. Why? Because sometimes, we need a little softness – we really do not want to fight all of the time – we would rather spend the time and energy in other ways. ((NOTE: The sword she carries is not – I repeat, NOT! – ornamental. If she needs it, she will use it without hesitation.))

REMEMBER: kindness is always appropriate

PRACTICAL MAGIC TIP: In addition to its powerful prosperity draw (keep a leaf in your wallet!), did you know basil is a love herb? Eat it as often as you can, feed it generously to others, and allow it to grow within you the peace and contentedness we all need to open our hearts and share our love. Add tomatoes or strawberries for extra oomph! Enjoy!


((Images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))

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