01/30/17 Move it along!


((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Feel antsy? Unsettled? A bit edgy?

Of course you do! You have places to go, and things to do!

GET MOVING!! You are late for a very important date! 

No matter what you plan, there comes a point when you must get moving, start doing, make changes. New job? New home? New school? New city? Whatever it is you have been planning, it is time to get moving – pack the bags, load the car, buy the tickets, off you go!

NOTE: The Chariot indicates the timing may be right but that does not mean you feel all the get-up-and-go enthusiasm needed. It is okay to feel a bit out of sorts (or nervous) but it is not okay to let it stop you from moving your plans forward. Find your bravery if you need it – do not pass up this dynamic energy!

PRACTICAL MAGIC TIP: Let cinnamon strengthen your personal stability, power and drive. Cinnamon sticks on your desk, ground cinnamon sachets under your pillow, cinnamon blended tea for breakfast; the scent and flavor will boost positive energy with feelings of comfort and warmth, building your internal fire, stimulating your root and sacral chakras. Need an extra boost in the moment? Chew cinnamon gum or suck on cinnamon hard candy.


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))


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