01/25/17 Kismet!

“You say chemistry, I say magic.” Barbara Moore

2C steam

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Let’s not quibble when love is in the air!

BAD NEWS: Watch Rachel Maddow – she’ll tell you.

GOOD NEWS: The air is crackling with possibilities for positive connection!

PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU FEEL! a chance encounter, a blind date, or a lunch with a long lost friend – everything has possibilities and you must remain open to them.

I know this is a difficult time for many as we watch the news and see disheartening images around the world as well as at home. Please remember good things will still happen; be open to them.

If you fear opening yourself to the energy of another, follow your feelings and adjust accordingly. Consider following this Magickal Tip courtesy White Witch Parlour:

IMG_7253 (1).JPG

((All images courtesy of Google Images and Facebook.))

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