12/02-04/16 WEEKEND: The Holiday Season has begun.

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

The Cards: Desire. Nostalgia. Anticipation.


If holidays preparations are not underway at your house, this weekend should be your kick-off; make your lists and check them twice! Santa Claus is coming to town!

Oh, if only!

I know the holidays can be full of anxiety but they do not need to be; the cards above suggest you turn your desire for happy holidays into a celebration of traditions rather than shopping sprees. Let the anticipation of the holidays be more about the joy of spending time with friends, family, and loved ones, and less about boxes with gift receipts in their lids. To that, spend some time this weekend considering the following plans:

Holiday cookies: If you enjoy baking holiday cookies, consider doubling your batches and giving them as gifts to neighbors, co-workers, etc. The joy you experience when baking the cookies will spread when you share them.

Small gatherings: If you enjoy entertaining, invite people in for seasonal drinks and treats – mulled wine, hot chocolate, chocolate spice cookies, fruitcake. (NOTE: not all fruitcake sucks, high quality fruitcake is delightful and may likely by found at your local bakery.)

Share stories: Many people write “Christmas Letters” rather than cards for the purpose of catching-up with people (read bragging about their kids/grandkids/etc.) but consider instead sharing a family story. Your letter, less about bragging and more about memories, telling a happy holiday story such as baking with Nana, or lunch under the tree at Marshall Field’s (a particularly Chicago memory but I am sure your town has its own special holiday places and events), shares not only your life but also your holiday spirit.

Movie night: Show your favorite holiday movie – I like Christmas in Connecticut, The Man Who Came To Dinner, The Bishop’s Wife – to some close friends and family. Serve homemade popcorn!

See the lights: People are putting up decorations and lights; take a few detours at night to enjoy the spectacles.

ENJOY!: Decide to enjoy the holidays. Decide to be happy with the many blessing you have in your life.

Speaking of nostalgia, enjoy the following!!

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