11/15/16 Stand together. Five of Pentacles

“There’s no sugarcoating it: these are hard times. Very hard times indeed.” Barbara Moore

5P Steam

((The Steampunk tarot, Moore and Fell))

OK – hard times are definitely upon us. President Elect Trump plans to turn back the civil liberties clock, Brexit is underway, and Putin smiles like the Cheshire Cat. There is no joy in Mudville. 

TODAY’S TAKEAWAY: We are not alone. 

As indicated with yesterday’s King of Cups, love and relationships are important; clearly spelled out today, we need one another perhaps more than ever. Since we are not alone, since we are all in the same boat, since we have no choice to ride out the current events shaping the landscapes, let us be good to one another – let us work together to keep each other not only safe but also secure in our daily lives.

The struggle is real but so is the support – MAKE IT SO!

Lost & Gained.JPG

((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))

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