11/08/16: What do you win? Five of Wands

5W Steam.jpg

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

TAKEAWAY: Do not fight when there is nothing to win.

It’s a tense day here in The States – Presidential Election Day – and while many are tired of the politics, plenty of people will want to fight to the bitter end. Our card above reminds us – don’t bother fighting. Cast your vote, the chips fall as they may. there is no reason to fight or argue. The level of debate has fallen to witch hunts, name calling, and outright verifiable lies; no one is listening, learning is impossible, and what should have been an intelligent and articulate exchange of ideas and strategy has disintegrated to sound bytes and phony Facebook quotes. There is nothing to win.

Let us agree to disagree, and move along to the business of day to day living and raising families and supporting our communities, etc.


((All images courtesy Google images and Facebook.))

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