((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))


Only everyone, that’s who!

That sluggish-stuck-can’t-get-to-go-or-collect-$200 feeling will begin to lift today as Mercury Retrograde comes to end (keep hands and feet to yourself until this comes to a full and complete stop over the weekend), and the Autumnal Equinox has arrived. If you feel inclined to breathe a sigh of relief, go right ahead.

The cards above serve to remind us change is inevitable – nothing stays the same over time or lasts forever – and despite our innate desires for the comfort of habit, change is generally a good thing. The Universe operates in intricate and mysterious ways; you may not see the positive aspects immediately as you toil and fret – trust they are there and you will find them.  

TAKEAWAY: Change leads to opportunity; opportunity leads to learning; learning leads to success; success leads to celebration.

Speaking of celebration, and on behalf of witchy types in the Northern Hemisphere,


((For our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, a Blessed Ostara to you all!!))

If you are inclined to mark the occasion but just cannot find the time, I would like to suggest some simple ideas:

Family Dinner: We often get busy and forget this very simple family ritual. Sit down to dinner at a table with your family. If you wish to prepare (or pick up) foods particular to the occasion, Google is your friend. The important thing is sharing the meal with your family in warmth and gratitude (for each other, for the opportunity, for the food). 

Brew it up: Make a pot of coffee spiced with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and vanilla (to taste); savor the fragrance, greet the change of season with a smile, and bless yourself (and anyone else you may wish to bless) with health, prosperity, strength, good fortune, positive energy, warmth and love, to carry you safely through to Spring. You may expand this ritual by sharing the coffee (and maybe some cake, if you are inclined) with family and/or friends.

Let it go:  This is a perfect time to let go any and all not serving your best, most positive life. Stand outside, face turned up (to Sun or Moon, your choice), arms out wide, and speak aloud, “I release you, (name releasee here). Move on. Thank you for your service.” (For extra oomph!, imagine the person/situation/thing floating up, up, and away from you).

Relax and enjoy: Do what you can to have a great weekend! With Love and Light, Selene


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))

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