Every Picture Tells a Story…Don’t It?

Not so gentle reminder.

Moon In Selene


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Today’s caution: Perhaps the picture in your head is not only unreal but unhealthy as well.

Have you decided to live your life in pursuit of a picture in your head? An imagining following you to the point of haunting but never realized? Are you stuck on a false image of what career, family, home and hearth absolutely MUST look like before you are considered “successful?”

For your sake, and the sake of all your loved ones, I sure hope not. 

Norman Rockwell was a salesmen; he worked in Marketing and Advertising. Every cover for the Saturday Evening Post was designed to sell the magazine, and an image with it. His artwork (which I love very much – I think he surely is one of the Great American Artists) portraying “American Life” was beautifully conceived and executed to sell the citizenry on the…

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