08/12-14/16 Garbo’s not the only one. The Hermit

Hermit Steam

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))


As many of you know, the weekend reading is usually three cards (one for each day) working together to express the overall energy of the weekend* – NOT THIS WEEKEND!!

The prevailing energy this weekend is entirely about The Hermit; independent, mindful, steadfast, solitary.  

Weekends are often full of busy-ness (errands, social occasions, family time, etc.), and certainly we must attend to various needs and obligations, but this weekend is best spent without such distractions. This weekend will yield better results if you spend it focusing on your own agenda; invest yourself in your own priorities.

The Spirit of The Hermit does not require strict solitude so much as a reservation of self – adjust your thinking about what you “must” do. Does the family need toothpaste and toilet paper? Dispatch someone else on that errand. Party you don’t want to attend? Send flowers with your regrets. Exhausted by the thought of preparing? Order in and feel free to use paper plates and plastic utensils to ease clean-up.

HOWEVER, if you want to be alone, if solitude appeals to you, if you want a genuine break from your usual routine, this weekend is the perfect time to withdraw yourself to any solitary activity that appeals to you.

And as always, enjoy the weekend.

Like Your Own Company

*Keep in mind energy does not keep to clock or calendar and all readings speak to the arrival of the energy but not necessarily the departure; maybe the reading feels more appropriate to you on a Monday or a Tuesday, that’s fine!

((All images courtesy of Google Images and Facebook.))

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