The Seven Planets Spread

This looks awesome – check it out!

Jack of Wands Tarot

For complicated reasons involving the amount of sunlight in my apartment and the fact that I worked on the Fourth of July (ugh), I was not able to take pictures for my promised deck review this week. The deck is sitting, unopened, in its box on my bedroom floor, and I promise, I’ll share it with you soon, but this week I am unable to do so. And I’m out of town next week, so, you know, probably not then, either. Whoops.


The following is a spread for people who like astrology. In classical astrology, there are seven “planets” (orbiting celestial bodies, in contrast with the relatively fixed state of the stars), all of which are visible with the naked eye.* They are:

-Luna (the Moon)
-Sol (the Sun)

(You can see why I put the word “planets” in scare-quotes; the Sun and Moon…

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