((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))


Here in the USA we have a three-day holiday weekend – 4th of July!! – complete with lemonade, cookouts, and fireworks; plenty of fun to be had!


All over planet earth, we have a fabulously dark moon of wild energy and deep promise.


Let’s take a look at the cards; we start out a little slowly, realizing not all that glisters is gold and we may need to adjust our thinking moving forward  – time to let go! Stop holding on to the old ways of thinking and doing;  the Sun is shining, the power is yours, and you have what it takes. Believe it or not, you are actually well in control at this time – just be brave and believe it!

This new moon is all about making positive changes for long term self-improvement; plant the seeds now, watch yourself grow!

Begin with gratitude. Start each day with one thing – large or small –  for which you are grateful. Enjoy a cup of tea and be thankful for its warmth and flavor. The positive start to your day will energize all you do.

Banish the negative behaviors of self-defeat.

  • Self-doubt: This confidence killer snatches defeat from the jaws of victory by sucking the joy right out of it. Give yourself a break – take your own word for it!
  • Negativity: Cease and desist negative thinking, speaking, criticizing and gossiping. Remember the test – is it true, kind, and necessary? If you cannot answer yes to all three, do not speak it and dismiss it from your thoughts – do not allow it to take root!
  • Fear: Decisions made from a position of strength are never rooted in fear. Bravery is not the absence of fear itself but rather an absence of allowing fear to guide behavior. Do not give in to fear – stand your ground, starting with yourself!
  • Procrastination: Time may be infinite, your personal supply in this lifetime is not. This is your most precious commodity because you can never gain, earn, or recover time lost.
  • People-pleasing: I am not sure this is a good quality in a dog, and i am quite certain it is not a healthy quality in a person. Two things: First, find your value within yourself – it is in there, I promise!  – just look for it, and give it the light and food it needs to grow. Second, it is not your responsibility to put the happiness of others before your own – equal footing is healthier for all concerned. Try it and see!

Be fair to yourself; these are longterm changes that may take some time to replace your established paterns. Please be patient with yourself.


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((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))

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