2016 MEMORIAL WEEKEND: Seven of Wands, Two of Swords, Four of Cups, Ace of Wands

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Welcome to Memorial Weekend 2016!! The unoffical opening of Summer has arrived!

And that’s just perfect because it is time to start something new, head in a different direction, or move to a different perspective. You do not need to keep defending the same ground, proving the same point, or reviewing the same inventory – done, done,and done! You have done all you can on that well-trod ground and it is now time to move on to something (or somewhere!) else. Your talents are ready to spread – move them along!

Have a safe, fun, happy, healthy, holiday weekend!

Memorial Day: The Importance of Remembering We Can Do Anything.


((All images courtesy of Google Images and Facebook.))


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