05.21.16 FULL MOON

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell; read left to right, top to bottom.))


What’s going on? Soooo many things!!!

  • Gemini has begun!
  • Full Moon in Sagitarius!
  • Venus is direct!
  • Mercury is about to be direct!
  • Spring is in full swing!
  • Flowers and trees blooming in all their beauty!
  • Love and lust brimming over!
  • Energy pulsing through everything, threatening to burst fearlessly at any moment!

((For better astrology info, please check out She’s an astro-genius!))

Moon Goddess

YOWZA!!! What does it all mean?

Approaching this weekend, the energy has been consistently preparing us for “something” on the way. ETA? Perhaps this very weekend! Are you ready for it? Only if you believe you are – once again, look within and know your own strength and power to get the job done – and you are ready and willing to step up. You can prevail if you are prepared to stretch outside of your comfort zone and stand your ground.  Believe in yourself and your victory, and others will follow.



Before we get ahead of ourselves, let us remember the importance of mindfulness. The energy anticipated contains a certain amount of “be careful what you wish for” and we should be wary of some pitfalls to our otherwise positive forecast:

  • Make sincere choices: Think, decide, act. This is not a time for “allowing things to happen organically” but rather, a time for careful consideration and cultivation.
  • Do not cut corners: No one said it would be easy – nothing worth having ever is – and this is particularly true right now. Walk steadily your true path.
  • Be grateful: Count your blessings each morning. Recognize and acknowledge all the good people, places, and things already in your life. We draw strength and purpose from such personal riches – let them bring a smile as you begin each day.
  • Do not covet: Take only your own inventory. The happiness, success, experiences of others are none of your concern so do not waste any time or energy counting or coveting them. Do not worry about what you imagine you are missing but rather, be satisfied with what you have and the choices you have made.
  • Act with honor: If you say it, you must do it. Honor yourself and your words with your actions. Do not talk the talk if you are unwilling or unable to walk the walk. (NOTE: If you set out to do something but it does not work out, or goes badly, despite your good faith best efforts, consider it a learning opportunity. No one wins every battle.)

REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN! Everything you seek is seeking you; seek out positive energy and enjoyment, and that is what you will find. Perfect for a lovely Spring weekend under an amazing Full Moon!


((All images courtesy Google Images and Facebook.))

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