04/29-05/01/16 WEEKEND: Justice, Ten of Pentacles, Magician

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

The weekend has rolled around again and things are looking up….but only if you have been paying attention.

Let’s look at the components:

  • JUSTICE:Karma calling.
  • TEN OF PENTACLE:Enjoy your comforts.
  • MAGICIAN: Be the change.

PUT IT TOGETHER: We spent the week working on preparations – planning is a good thing, generally speaking – but how did that feed your actions? If your work was well-done, if you kept your eyes on positive outcomes, look forward to things going well and enjoying the comforts of your home, family and surroundings. The power to create positive change is yours, and (BIG REVEAL!!) it has always been within you. 

HOWEVER, it can all go the other way just as easily – if you have been negative in your behaviors or toxic in your relationships, it will impact your home. You have the power to bring about negative change, and you will certainly have to live with the results. 

TAKEAWAY: It’s up to you – make sure it is what you want it to be. And as always, 



((All images courtesy of Google Images and Facebook.))


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