04/26/16 This time for sure! The Magician


((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

Last week, The Magician arrived on the heels of Ten of Swords (rather flippantly, in my opinion) and reappears here – pay close attention because he really means it this time.

The buzzing in the air is not entirely the fresh tease of awakened Spring; magic is everywhere and alive in every step we take – will you use it or ignore it?

Once again, consider your choice – do you prefer to jump or to fall? As always, I suggest an active decision; better to jump and have some say in where you will land. Use this magical energy to your advantage; do not wait and see what will happen – and something certainly will happen – take part!!!


You are neither victim nor bystander – it’s your magic!! 

((All images courtesy of Google Images, Facebook and YouTube.))


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