04/18/16 AND 04/19/16: The Lovers

“A love that even time will lie down and be still for.” Sally Owen, Practical Magic

The Lovers Gilded

((The Gilded Tarot))

This week opens with a double-header; The Lovers drawn for both Monday and Tuesday. As regular visitors know, I would normally use the The Steampunk Tarot for my daily readings but on this occasion, I found it too sedate for the message and reached for the more vivid (and to my mind in this case, the more telling) representation of The Gilded Tarot.

Last week, we hammered away at trusting ourselves, following our intuition, knowing our true selves, and honoring all of it. In that pursuit, the week opens with  The Lovers as the final scene of the last act – following your heart. You have decisions to make and your heart must be your guide. Remember all the times in your life when you said, “My heart just wasn’t in it.”


The Lovers are here with this message: You must follow your heart to your happiness, success, love. Do not be afraid, you know you have everything you need – now do it.

Look deeply into your heart – what are your wants, longings, desires? What is your truth? It is not enough to speak it, you must also choose it and follow where it leads. You will never be more ready than you are right this minute.



((All images courtesy of Google Images and Facebook.))


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