04/04/16 Happy. Ending. Ten of Pentacles

“And they lived happily ever after.” Barbara Moore


((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

To my thinking,  Ten of Pentacles is the ultimate Good new/bad news message.

  • THE GOOD NEWS: Everything you have worked so hard to attain has come to fruition.
  • THE BAD NEWS: You have arrived at the end of the line.

We are well aware all things come to an end; nothing exists in a vacuum and situations change over moments, days, weeks, or years, improving or deteriorating, but always inevitable. Do not think about it today; today, just enjoy. If you wish to preserve this happiness, consider:

  • Take many photos.
  • Write a personal account of your pathway to this current position.
  • Record a message for your future self.
  • Keep a journal of all the impressions, happiness and gratitude you are currently experiencing.

Later, when The Wheel has turned and things have changed, you will be able to remind yourself of this time; you will be able to draw peace and comfort from knowing success and happiness can be attained. Remember, you are not Fate’s victim, you are a participant.


((All images courtesy of Google Images and Facebook.))

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