March 2016 Full Moon: Moon of Winds


Moon In Selene

7W SteamWorld SteamEmpress SteamPgeP Steam9CStar Steam((Reading cards left to right, top to bottom.))

The March Full Moon has many names (Worm Moon, Plow Moon, Sap Moon) but for 2016, we clearly have the Moon of Winds – Winds of Changes, that is – speaking not only to the renewal season of Spring but also to this renewal season of ourselves. 

If you have been reading this blog (or any other tarot or astrology blog for that matter), by now you must have noticed the recurring themes of change, movement, decision-making, risk-taking, self-exploration, self-development, and personal responsibility. When astrologer Madame Lucy Zolonga (check her out at dubbed 2016 as the year of “unhinged” she was not kidding and she knew what she was talking about – the winds of change are blowing the doors off of everything, and believe it or not, it is a very good thing (overall). The stasis and stagnation many of us…

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