03/21/16 Takin’ It Easy. The Hermit

Hermit Steam

((The Steampunk Tarot, Moore and Fell))

“To see the glow of your own light, go into the dark.” Barbara Moore

We spend so much time seeking the company of others, fearing loneliness, avoiding our own thoughts, we forget to appreciate  our own true selves. When The Hermit appears, it is a time to stop chasing after outside distractions. Everything you need to be happy is within you right now; unfortunately, so is sadness.

Let go the fear of loneliness – it is a plague and it does not serve you – and embrace the peace of time spent alone in reflection. The Hermit advises you to be still, examine the pieces, mend what is broken. grow what is awesome; this is the time to pursue personal projects, grow your knowledge where you have interest or feel you may be lacking. 

Contrary to popular perception, The Hermit does not require you shut yourself inside, avoid the outside world, or shun human contact. Feel free to sit in your favorite Starbucks while making a list of what you want to work on for yourself. If you find yourself thinking about your dead grandmother (she may be reaching out to you), feel free to call your mother or aunt to ask about her. If you want to take the dog to the park, go right ahead – it’s okay to talk to other dog lovers while at the park.

The idea is to find your true self and enjoy your own company, not isolate yourself from the world and company of others.


((All images courtesy of Google Images and Facebook.))

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